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Ken Eads, Owner

In person or drop offs by appointment only! We have our COVID shot but we will wear a mask when requested! Your safety is our utmost concern!

Hours Monday-Friday 9am-6pm●Saturday 9am-12pm

Drop-Offs are by Appointment only!

Phone: 248.399.1377

NOW INSTALLING WINDOWS 11 (Upgrades & fresh installs)**

**subject to Microsoft system requirements-click the picture to go to Microsofts spec page

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We appreciate every review, good or bad. We are always striving to improve! You can count on MCS to handle your repair fast, accurately and in a friendly manner!

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Do you know most computer repair shops don't show you their price list on-line? MCS is upfront about pricing and if you don't see a repair on our list, please feel free to call us.

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What sets Modern Computer Solution Services apart for other computer repair services? On-Site, Free Pickup & Delivery Services!

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We are all about making the process of repairing your computer as easy as possible. Simply call or email us and we will work around your busy schedule!